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Humans Are Alive

Once upon a time, many hundreds of years ago, Earth was invaded by a group of aliens called the Yun-K^ql. The Yun-K^ql took a portion of the human population to their home planet and forced them to work on the grittiest, most menial jobs, such as mineral collecting and quantum engine building. The humans were treated very poorly – an understatement, really – they were often starved, beaten, raped, killed for disobedience, and had their children taken away. They had no freedoms on the strange planet and nowhere to run to.


After a couple hundred years of this treatment, some of the Yun-K^ql realized that humans were living beings, just like they were. (Before this time, this kind of thinking was unheard of!) These enlightened aliens fought to allow the humans to live among the Yun-K^ql as free beings. After a long struggle that sometimes went forward, and sometimes went backward, humans were finally allowed to pursue a life of their own, but things were still sticky on this alien world. It took many years for the Yun-K^ql to shift from seeing the humans as “less than living,” and even after decades of “freedom,” the humans had a very hard time proving to some of the aliens that they were just as alive.

It was pretty clear that humans were often singled out and were still being treated as “unliving” by many of the Yun-K^ql. Living on the planet as a human meant always having to be extra careful, because if you slipped up even a little, or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, the Yun-K^ql were far more likely to hurt or kill you than their own species. Time and time again, humans fell prey to the whims of Yun-K^ql in power. Though they were technically free, they still lived in fear.


Some brave humans, and a few of their Yun-K^ql friends, took it upon themselves to start an awareness campaign to highlight the injustices against humans. They had data in their corner – this wasn’t just their perception, they really did have a dangerous life compared to the Yun-K^ql. They hoped that showing the aliens that they were just as alive would help to keep them safer, even if it took years and years of repeating their message.

Some Yun-K^ql scoffed at their slogan, which read “Human Are Alive.” “No, Everyone Is Alive,” one said. “Why should humans get special attention?” “Yeah!” said some other Yun-K^ql. “That just makes sense! We’re all important, right?”

The humans, and their alien allies, hung their heads in disappointment. Would their message be lost because some stubborn Yun-K^ql didn’t understand what they were fighting against, or how much they had to lose? Still, they set their jaws and rallied on, hoping to someday be seen, by all of the people on their new planet, as Just As Alive as the race that once held them captive. And still did, in many ways.





Summer Home School Agenda

Here’s our daily agenda for our Summer Home School.  I’m not sure how much of this is actually going to happen each day, but at least I’ll have a backup plan for when we’re all driving each other crazy!  (“Oh, look, it’s 2:30!  Let’s brush the dog and collect eggs instead of hitting our sister.”)  Either way…. wish us luck!!

8:00 – Breakfast and quiet play

Find something nutritious, like cereal and fruit. Eat at the table, please! Quiet play can be indoors or outside. Please do not wake up your teacher, or she will be grumpy. You can read, draw, play pretend, hang with the critters, do chores or play a quiet board game.

9:00 – Outside journaling and exploring

Spend about ten minutes sitting still in one place in the woods and observe around you. Write on one of these topics in your journal: What do you see, smell, hear, and feel? What is different today than yesterday? What is the same? How do you feel? What do you think the weather will be like today? Then, draw something that you see, small or big. Spend the rest of the hour exploring outdoors.

10:00 – Morning free time

Electronics are ok for morning free time.

11:00 – Music

Either practice an instrument, write a song, or listen closely to music (without other distractions)

12:00 – Lunch and recess

Recess will be spent outside unless there is very close lightening. Or you can stay inside and either read, do chores or help me clean the kitchen.

1:00 – Math and reading

Choose some books or magazines. One student will read in another room or outside, while the other works on math, then you’ll switch. I will help with the math.

2:30 – Animal care

You can check on chickens, collect eggs, brush or train Olivia, or clean out Huckleberry’s cage and feed him.

3:00 – Science and snack

We will either do some kind of experiment, read books or watch programs about science.

4:00 – Art

We will either do a special art or craft project or spend some time drawing.

5:00 – Evening free time

Electronics are only ok if you’ve done chores to earn the time for evening free time.

6:00 – Dinner

6:30 – Chores

Milk the goat, put away dishes, feed cats and dog. You can also do extra chores to make extra allowance and bank time for electronics.

7:30 – Bedtime routine

Brush teeth and change clothes

8:00 – Lights out!

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